What is the better option to suit your needs, Android or the iPad?

There’s a whole lot to decide on for anyone who is in the market for a new tablet. In case you are not entirely aware, your two only decent options are either an Android or iPad tablet device. Both devices or brands will certainly provide a great experience, but making the best choice for your specific needs is a little more involved.
It is difficult to explain to someone who has never previously owned a tablet before – one of my readers, potentially – that these devices, which at the forefront look similar and are purported to do similar things, can actually be different to each other in many aspects.. Depending upon your intended use of your new tablet device, these differences in choice of tablet may or may not be a deal breaker for you.
Have you ever had a chance to play with an iPad? In most cases, yes. If not, I am sure you have heard – the finished product is visually stunning, in a physical kind of sense. It’s very solid and clearly made of top notch materials. There’s no denying that the iPad is manufactured with an eye for quality in mind. Similarly, the operating system – Apple’s iOS – is most of the time, silky smooth. Emphasis has definitely been added to make transitions as smooth and pleasant as possible. I have to say, the iPad is honestly impressive. It looks, feels and works great.
The iPad has been out for longer than the Android operating system and tablets, – and while it may be the most popular tablet device – the Android OS overall provides users with the most choice. When you decide to buy an iPad, you may be disappointed to discover that your only real option is to choose the colour, storage capacity and whether your new shiny device is able to connect over 3G data.
The vastly increased choice when it comes to Android is thanks to the open source Android platform. This allows manufacturers from all over the world to easily design tablets with Android loaded on to them. You have literally hundreds of options when it comes to picking an Android tablet that is right for you.
Unlike Apple’s iPad, which doesn’t give a whole lot of consumer choice – with Android, you will enjoy all the choices the iPad provides, and also a lot more. Again, this is all made possible as a result of Androids’ open source os. However, going further, since there are numerous Android tablet manufacturing businesses, you get a lot more choice. You can further refine your decision by choosing your tablet screen size, whether or not it supports connectivity options like Bluetooth, USB or HDMI, whether or not it has a built-in Gps system or whether or not it supports expandable storage space by using a microSD card slot.
That’s the reason why I favor Android and their operating system so much. They are offering a lot of variability and also choice, and so, at least to me, it becomes a no brainer in which device to select!
Deciding to go for an Android tablet also means you’re likely to receive a device that is newer, with regards to technology and specifications. That is mainly because Apple launches a brand new iPad about once per year. Whilst with Android, you’ve got a number of manufacturers releasing brand new devices year round. Yet again, this ties in with end user choice – but really, it should certainly be noted that you’re getting a higher end product, technologically speaking, when you buy a new Android device.
The main thing I do not like about the iPad specifically, is that not all that much generally seems to change with each update. Sure, the CPU or perhaps graphics may have picked up an upgrade, but otherwise it almost always manages to feel and look the same. With the latest iPad and its predecessor, I can’t actually tell the positive change in speed between the two. The good thing is with Android, like usual, we’re spoiled for choice which means that we can more often than not pick up a new tablet with specs either equivalent to, or a lot better than the iPad. Oh, and you’ll most probably get the Android for a great deal cheaper, too.
I’ve used an iPad, and I’ve used numerous Android devices and they’re both great in their very own ways. I am just so happy I have lots of choice when considering a tablet. a specific] need – be it internet browsing, looking at emails or simply just viewing some videos online – and for that you’ll need to make your personal decision on which device is best for you. In my opinion, Android is the better decision and that’s exactly what I prefer to opt for each time I upgrade! Now that you understand a bit more about the main difference between Apple and Android devices, you may go out and make a better knowledgeable choice. Thank you for reading, and enjoy!
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