Genuine Men Do Not Value Surface Stuff Like Cheap Polo Shirts

How do you know what ‘cool’ is? Can you really know what this means? What about you, are you feeling cool in any way? Your friends cool? I don’t suppose Mr Cool would hang out with guys who just weren’t would he? So, picture this, a whole bunch of definitely uncool teenagers in the cheapest tat from their head down to their plastic coated toes. Could they be cool?
So Now I’m planning to tell you about Hamlet. No not the man the bard wrote about with his father’s ghost along with other gloomy things, this is a man who resided in my road. Certainly no, Hamlet is definitely not a great name so people called him Ham but if he was being announced as Ham, he would just grin and say, ‘its short for Hamlet’.
You see Ham never was phased by anything at all, which is partly why he can be so cool. He bumped around in our neighbourhood with six other youngsters which includes me.
As our mothers and fathers were frequently out of work or on very low wages there wasn’t much money around. There was definitely nothing to spare for design. It embarrassed me sometimes when I saw how we were all dressed.
He would chuck on some cheap polo shirt and some bags in the summertime and don any old thing over it, even his dad’s cardie if he was cold. It was probably people like him who started off the fad of ripping your denims to shreds just before you wore them and having the hems of one’s trousers get torn soaked and dirty because they dragged in the dirt. He just failed to care how he appeared or what he had but he did take good care of individuals.
Within the team, Andrew was one that required caring for by Ham if he wasn’t gonna be frequently bullied. But he couldn’t be there every minute so Andy sometimes needed to run. This particular day Ham was informed that Andy was cornered in the loos so he went on over. I followed Ham, keeping a little way behind.
I simply wanted to observe what would come about with Ham outnumbered by four to one and it was not a disappointment. He looked the leader, Josh, directly in the eyes and held it. There wasn’t any danger in Ham’s expression but after a few moments Josh released Andy’s hair and was standing up as if to demonstrate just how much bigger he was than Ham. Ham then took hold of Andrew by way of the left arm, whilst giving the big guys a cool nod, and led him out in to the sunshine.
What made him feel so awesome and in charge? His outfit definitely didn’t support the image of Mr Cool. We can only believe he is either a supreme being here from another world slumming it as a human being. Or his assurance may possibly depend upon him believing that. Whatever it is, the polo shirts and old footwear don’t benefit it. His cool don’t tumble into and out of style like those things.

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